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Danny Baror

anny Baror is president of Baror International, Inc., an independent literary agency primarily engaged in the sale of British and translation rights for other agencies. Danny handles these rights for all our books. The resulting intense collaboration between our two agencies has enriched our clients and given SCG a track record of success in foreign markets no other agency can match.

While foreign rights is a mere afterthought at many agencies, our clients often make more money from foreign rights than they do from domestic, and have the satisfaction of seeing their work appear in foreign languages all over the world. Domestic and foreign rights are intricately interwoven at SCG. We confer with Danny throughout the day, factoring foreign rights into our strategies for each client.

Born and raised in Israel, Danny has lived in New York for more than 25 years. His work ethic, aggressiveness, and won’t-take-no-for-an-answer attitude is unheard of among the old-guard foreign agents. He gets our books into the hands of foreign editors; follows up these submissions tenaciously; creates buzz and excitement for our clients in each territory; then negotiates with a fervor that has never been seen before in the traditionally restrained world of foreign rights.

Our clients understand that what happens with their books overseas is just as important as what happens in the U.S.A., and they look to Danny for guidance, ideas, strategies, and a forceful execution of those strategies, just as they look to their domestic agent in the American market. They often thank us and Danny separately in their books. The product of this agency synergy – when a book sells in Poland or Norway or Italy or the U.K., or one of the dozens of other foreign markets to which we sell regularly – is as satisfying an experience as any this business has to offer.

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